Individual Coaching
We all have a fundamental need to grow, to have a sense of belonging and lead. Without experiencing these elements consistently, life and work can become uninspiring. We all get there from time to time and it`s completely natural. The trick is, not staying in this state any longer than you need to.

At times throughout our lives we cross paths with people who take a keen interest in who we are. Can you think of people like that in your life? Whether it`s a sports coach, a great boss or a relative, what they all have in common is believing in us. They help us realize our potential, create deeper meaning from our struggles and seem to know how to empower us just enough to create discomfort and growth. And they do all that with the right mix of compassion and tough love. For someone to invest in us like that is a true gift, and highly contagious. I`ve been fortunate throughout my life to have people who invested their time, resources and expertise to grow me, to be better and find greater meaning in life. Now I pay it forward with my clients. Helping another person grow and become more effective is a humble and gratifying act. This is the essence of Coaching.
My clients come to me for various reasons but one pattern I see in my practice is the negative impact technology has on the spirit of a person. We now live in a world that leaves little time for contemplation. If we`re not careful, our lives can become a never ending task list and we can easily forget the things that truly matter. We lose sense of our deepest self.
Whether you want more from your career, relationships or life in general, I can help you maximize your effectiveness and enjoy life more on your terms. I will help you access the greater meaning and wisdom of your life experiences, challenge your limiting beliefs and creatively deal with your inner critic (we all got one of those!). Coaching is a process of discovery and awareness designed to get you into action with your own unique solutions to the circumstances of your life.
Interview Coaching -What`s your story?

I get a great deal of satisfaction preparing my clients to compete for a position because I get to leverage my experience in the corporate world and competitive sports. Competition is exciting.
When it comes to job interviews, proving you can do the job is a given. Your training and experience are important. However, employers are also interested in knowing the character of the human being they are considering. They want to know who you are.
To this end, behavioral and scenario based questions are often used to assess strength of character - your principles, ethics and attitudes. Demonstrating your awareness of these qualities to a group of strangers in under an hour or so is a big ask. It`s not easy because we rarely reflect. We are too busy living our lives and doing our best without giving too much thought to what specifically makes us effective. As a result, these questions can "freeze" you, and that can be a deal breaker.
The most effective way to express these qualities is to share your personal and professional stories. It highlights your life experiences. Developing this ability is no simple task however. It requires time for self-reflection and practice so that employers get a good read about your true nature.
Being able to effectively link your stories to interview questions reveals two important dimensions of your character. First, how well you relate to yourself and others and second, a humble confidence about what you bring to the table. This level of awareness is what will set you apart from the competition. It demonstrates your understanding of leadership and your capacity to meaningfully contribute to a team.
I recommend not leaving interview preparation to the last minute. Just like working out, it takes a few weeks to get noticeable gains. Most of the work takes place between our sessions as you reflect, rehearse and integrate your thoughts at your own pace and with a quiet mind. This builds confidence, empowering you to be real and authentic during ANY interview.
I will help you as follows:
1. Identify specific elements from your life experiences that highlight your character strengths.
2. Offer language and framing techniques that help you express yourself accurately and authentically.
3. Provide honest, constructive feedback about your communication impact, what works & especially your blind spots.
Relationship Coaching
After 10 years of coaching relationships in sports, business and families, the most common problem I encounter is an inability to engage in constructive conflict. How to conduct a fair fight is not well developed for most of us and it`s no surprise because most people have a terrible history with conflict, I know I did. As a result, people either avoid it like the plague or use it to satisfy a thirst for power. In either extreme, feelings get hurt and go underground, feeding a cycle of confusing mixed messages which leads to unproductive behaviors and relationship breakdown. What`s missing is awareness.
I work closely with my clients to help them communicate directly, be accountable for their impact on one another and model effective ways to engage in conflict that promotes mutual respect and deeper understanding. I focus on raising awareness about the complicating effects of power and exploring the hidden meaning in mixed messages. Relationship conflict is a necessary part of any healthy relationship.
“A good fight, conducted fairly with opponents of comparable strength, is a great way to get to know each other”
                                                                                                                                           - Joe Goodbread
Team Coaching
Teamwork brings us face to face with a challenging dimension, our collective humanity. Differences of opinion and self interest are essential for producing winning ideas, but they also strain relationships. It`s inevitable. Yet our differences can be leveraged to create new and useful information. Shifting limiting perspectives and addressing unacknowledged feelings strengthens a sense of team.
When working with teams, I focus on productivity and positivity factors and help cultivate a culture where everyone buys into the idea that they are all co-responsible for outcomes. A team that is empowered to produce results and improve their work experience performs better. That`s good news that travels fast. Increasing a team`s capacity to create beneficial relationships forms the basis for attracting and retaining talented people and generating new business.

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