Power & Conflict

 We all have a story or two about conflict, starting when we`re little. From an early age our individual identity and values come into conflict with power. Parents, teachers, coaches and culture signal to us what behaviors and choices are valued in order to fulfill our most basic needs of safety and belonging. Often times it`s for our own good, sometimes it isn`t.
Our central conflicts go like this: think and feel freely on the inside, behave and choose differently on the outside. It’s a tough spot to be in when we’re little. It`s a tough spot to be in as adults too. In either case, we begin to question what is more real; what we feel inwardly or how we behave outwardly. This conflict has a tendency to weaken our inner authority, and sow the seeds of self criticism. These experiences help shape our views about power which strongly influences our relationship to conflict and how we use our own authority as adults.
 More to come….

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